Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

Hello everyone!

I am officially coining Summer Season as Wedding Season! As we look forward to the festivities, I’d like to take this opportunity to explore some wedding appropriate attire.

Some invitations may request a certain “Dress Code” but in the absence of one, it is always better to error in the side of dressing up, rather than down.  Look for cues such as where the wedding venue is, the time of day that it will be taking place and most of all, the knowledge you know about the general style of the bride and groom.

Always avoid white or cream colored clothing as the bride will likely be wearing those colors. In addition, I like to take this one step further to avoid red because if anyone has attended an Asian wedding, you will know that red is viewed as a very auspicious color and therefore, will definitely be worn by the couples immediate family.

For a casual/outdoor/garden themed weddings:

I recommend dresses that are slightly dressier than your every day dress. You still get a lot of wear from this particular category simply because you can wear it for date nights and other parties.

The first dress we’ll look at is Ted Baker’s Bow Neck Skater Dress.  At first glance, this dress offers a few things that I like. First, I love bows. Second, I love pleats. Third, satin and the flare of the dress makes this dress very wedding appropriate. When the sun shines down on the dress, there is a bit of glisten and makes this a great choice for outdoor weddings.

Alternatively, if you prefer something that is more muted, I recommend this tiered lace dress from Michael Michael Kors. This dress has scalloped lace ruffles, making it romantic and cute for the wedding.

For destination/beach weddings:

I recommend this Harmony Pleat High/Low dress from Ted Baker.  The floral print along with the shoulder baring neckline is simply gorgeous to wear for a beach wedding.

This Halter Ruffle Maxi Dress from Eliza J is nice and flowy.  The chiffon material along with the pattern enhances the romance that the dress offers as it drapes perfectly on the body.

It is best to wear either flats or wedges when attending a wedding at a beach because you don’t want to sink into the sand. Long is definitely better than short because it can get quite breezy near the water and you don’t want your dress to blow right up.  If you get cold easily, then a shawl will come in quite handy as well.

Finally, the Black Tie/Formal/Ballroom/Gala themed weddings:

This is one of my favorite type of weddings to attend because you gives you an excuse to completely glam up for the night and dress like a princess.

This Lace & Tiered Tulle Ballgown dress from La Femme is stunning.  From the color to the swirling lawyers of frothy tulle, the sparkling crystals and embroidered lace, this dress screams glam.  Because this isn’t completely a ballgown, you can easily sit down to rest your feet between dances. The cobalt blue is so vibrant that just looking at it makes me happy.

This Metallic Jacquard ballgown dress from Mac Duggal is something you truly appreciate when you try it on. It is on the heavier side so more Fall and Winter appropriate vs Summer and Spring but is so beautiful on.  The plunging V-neck is on the sexier side, however, the voluminous skirt offsets that and makes this dress so glamorous.

All in all, find outfits that you love, baring in mind the occasion and being respectful of it.

Hope you enjoyed reading and found this helpful.

Until next time!

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