Travel in Comfort

Hello everyone!

Holidays are something I look forward to all the time.  We get to experience new adventures all the while building beautiful memories that we cherish and reminisce upon to carry us through to our next vacation.

Irregardless of whether it is a long haul flight or a short haul flight, the key to enjoying the holidays you have so patiently waited for and meticulously planned is to ensure you are well rested during the commute.  Comfort is key!

For today’s post, I want to share some outfit ideas that I like to wear when I travel.

First up, I have been loving Madewell’s Whisper Cotton V-Neck Pocket Tee.  Cotton is a very breathable fabric which is something that you will appreciate when you’re travelling.  There are so many colors to choose from and because it is a nice plain style, you can easily layer and style this piece.

Next, I always travel with a scarf.  My favorite is the Burberry Colorblock Vintage Check Cotton Square Scarf because it elevates any outfit and is thin enough that is perfect for travel.  It doesn’t take up any room at all in my bag but serves such a big purpose when I need it.

Following this, I never travel without a cardigan.  The one that I have been favoring is the Caslon Drop Shoulder Cardigan.  Again, this can easily be folded up and put away in your bag until you need to use it.  This is also offered in a variety of colors.

Moving on to pants, I prefer something that is super stretchy such as the Vince Camuto Super Stretch Denim Leggings.  This is also available in Marine Blue but I prefer the Black when I travel because it is so easy to match.As for shoes, I prefer something that I can slip in and out of easily.  These Dr. Scholl’s Scout Slip-on Sneakers are perfect because they have a memory fit foam-cushioned insole so you can walk comfortably while exploring on your holidays.  This is also offered in white leather.

You might have picked up a trend that I like to travel in pieces that are plain and simple.  The reason behind this is because this makes mixing and matching a lot easier so you can travel lighter.  In addition, you have to be cognizant that line ups going through security can be quite long with everyone also wanting and eagerly looking forward to start their vacation.  If you have a lot of embellishments or metal designs, this can slow down the process quite a bit because for security reasons, they have to check everything out.

While on the plane, the key is to choose items that are stretchy and breathable for ultimate comfort.  Avoid clothing that has too many buttons or zippers because it won’t be pleasant trying to button and zip up in a bathroom that is hard enough to just fit yourself in.

Definitely choose pieces that are good and easy to layer to adjust to the changing temperatures you might experience during your flight.  Though I am a huge fan of jumpsuits and rompers, they are definitely not as friendly to travel in.

Lastly, opt to wear glasses over contacts because the air quality is quite dry so your eyes will be happier without contacts.

Hope you found this helpful.

Happy travels!

Until next time.

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