These Shoes Were Made For Walking!

Hello everyone!

I have been getting quite a workout this past month from all my shopping trips.  I normally prefer online shopping, however, the weather has been phenomenal so I have been taking advantage of that to get my annual dosage of Vitamin D.

If you have been walking as much as I have though, you need to find the proper pairs of shoes.  There’s nothing worse than wanting to shop but your feet hurts too much to move.  You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style, you really can have both worlds.

Let’s explore these options:

The first pair is this Gucci Slide Sandal.  I was super reluctant when this first came out.  It reminded me of slippers that I saw a lot of people wear around the house so needless to say, this didn’t appeal to me at first.  The reason why I did end up giving this a try though was because I fell in love with the bloom design.  I love floral prints and thought, worse case scenario, I just wear it at home.  Once you give this a try and break into this (this is a bit stiff when it’s new), this becomes a fast favorite.  It molds to the shape of your foot and is so comfortable.  You can wear this with anything and shop all day long.

This Steve Madden Secret Wedge Wraparound Sandal is so cute.  You can easily convert this from day to night because of the wedge heel.  Even though the heel is quite high, the front platform height makes this an overall comfortable wedge heel to wear all day long.

I have been wearing this Sam Edelman Gigi Sandal every opportunity I have.  This comes in a variety of styles and colors.  This does run small so order a size up.  The ankle straps holds the sandal comfortably in place so you can swing and kick freely to catch a breeze to keep your feet cool.

These have been my go to for this past month.  What have you been sporting?

Enjoy the sun!

Until next time.

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