Saint Laurent Credit Card Case Review

Hello everyone!

I feel like I’m literally melting as I’m writing this review.  Sunshine all around so remember to stay hydrated and be generous with the sunscreen.

When it’s hot like this, I prefer to carry just the bare basics.  My hands should remain free for all the gelato that I have to consume to stay cool.

With that said, let’s focus on the Saint Laurent Credit Card Case.  This is a thin card case that I have been using in lieu of a wallet with my small bags or when I’m running out for some quick errands because I can just slip this into my pocket.


  • 4 card slots, 2 located in the front and 2 in the back
  • Center currency slot
  • Size 4”W x 3”H x 1/4”D.
  • Calfskin leather

Even though there are 4 card slots, you technically can double up and fit in a few more cards if need be.  For those who want to do that, I just want to caution you that you run the risk of stretching out the leather if you continue to do that.  However, if you plan to always do that, it shouldn’t be a concern.

The calfskin on this card case isn’t as soft as other calfskin leathers I’ve felt.  When you actually touch this, it feels a lot sturdier and gives me the impression that it should be more durable.

With that in mind (and the fact that this is at a friendlier price point than other luxury brands), I am less inclined to baby this.  I can show this love and not have a care throwing it in my pocket or squeeze this in any mini bag.

The only part that may create a little fuss is the YSL insignia in the front of the card case.  It is rather large which essentially gives it a bigger surface for scratches to take place.  I love the actual logo as it gives it a rather sleek look but that’s really the only con that I have for this card case.

This comes in a few colors.  All of them are quite beautiful so I’m tempted to add a few more into my collection.

This is the Monogram Credit Card Case in Blue with the silver hardware.

This is also available in gold hardware in nero (black), navy or rouge eros (red).

In addition, Saint Laurent also offers this Loulou Monogram Quilted Leather Credit Card Case that gives you more of the “Y” quilting versus chevron.  The leather on this one is softer, likely due to the fact that it’s really finely pebbled.  This is offered in 5 different colors.

All these are amazing to add into your collection if you’re looking for a card case that can double up as a wallet.

Hope you found this helpful.

Until next time.

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