Olay 4-In-1 Daily Facial Cloths

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I have always been a huge fan of using facial cleansing cloths because my face feels so clean afterwards. I attribute it to the fact that it not only cleanses but also allows me to gently exfoliate without irritating my skin.

There are a number of brands that offer cleansing cloths in their line so I want to take this opportunity to review one of my favorites here.

Personally, given a choice, I will choose the dry cloths – the ones that you wet when you’re using over the pre-moistened cloths any day.  I find the dry cloths, on average, to be more effective and they won’t dry out. The initial few pre-moistened cleansing cloths tends to be on the dryer side and if you don’t use up the whole package soon after opening, they almost always dry out for me which essentially renders them completely useless.

The “Olay 4-In-1 Daily Facial Cloths claim to have 5 benefits:

  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Exfoliate
  • Hydrate
  • Remove Makeup

In addition, Olay advertises that the cloths will gently exfoliate and smooth skin’s texture in less than a week. They remove dirt, oil and make-up.

I personally have been using a variant of this product for years and it is definitely my go to. For the initial purchase, I recommend getting the one with the plastic box and then just keep that for use with the refills. Given the cloths are water activated, ensure you seal the box tightly so that you don’t risk getting all the cloths wet.

These are one time use, once wet, you can’t dry them and expect that it will lather and work effectively the second time around.

Active ingredients include:

The pros of the Olay 4-In-1 Daily Facial Cloths:

  • The cloths are soap-free
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Offers refill packs of 33 sheets and are available for Normal, Combination/Oily and Sensitive skin.
  • Can be found in any drugstore so is easily accessible for under $10
  • Features a smooth side and a textured side so you can choose which side you want to use
  • Can use around the eyes
  • Removes mascara
  • Skin doesn’t feel dry after use
  • Great for travel

The cons of this product include:

  • If you put too much pressure on the textured side of the cloth, you can over exfoliate your skin
  • The textured side isn’t as gentle as it claims but the smooth side can’t exfoliate properly
  • Loses lather quickly
  • The formula of the cloths seem to change frequently but not for the better
  • Don’t notice a major difference between the Normal, Combination/Oily and Sensitive skin – they feel virtually the same.

Overall, I would recommend this product because for the most part, it does do what it claims and my skin doesn’t feel dry or tight after use. They are convenient and effective so give them a try.

Hope you found this review helpful.

Until next time!

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