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Hello everyone!

This Summer was no joke.  I had to constantly change up my makeup routine because the weather was just too hot to comfortably have anything on my face.  When I’m outside, I can put on a pair of oversized sunglasses but when I’m indoors, the sunglasses aren’t practical.  This was when I started looking at other options – eyelash extensions.

I was quite reluctant at first because I have heard that you can damage your own lashes but the heat  wore me down.  I wanted to look put together with minimal products and makeup on my face and if eyelash extensions was the key, I was on board with giving this a try.

The first thing I recommend everyone who is considering this is to do your research.  Ensure you choose someone who is properly trained and qualified.  Read all the reviews and ask questions.

When I was looking into this, I found that the cost range is between $50 – $500.  This was dependent on the Lash Technician’s credentials along with the type of lashes you were going for.  This seems rather pricey when compared to false lashes but bare in mind that the Lash Technician generally has to spend around 2 hours attaching eyelashes to each individual eyelash.

The eyelash extensions should last anywhere between 3 – 4 weeks.  Depending on how much has fallen off, you might be able to get away with just a refill after that date or you might need a new set altogether.

Bare in mind the longevity can vary based on your own lashes or the skill of the Lash Technician because I have heard some last for as long as 6 weeks while others noticed that there were hardly any lashes left after 2 weeks.

Based on my experience, the pros of eyelash extensions include:

  • You look wide awake from the moment you wake up
  • You don’t need wear eyeliner or mascara because the eyelash extensions already provide that volume and look
  • Given you don’t have to wear mascara, you avoid the awkward mascara fallout
  • If you have great skin, you literally only need to put on some lipstick and you’re good to go
  • Eyelash extensions feel a lot lighter than some false eyelashes
  • You avoid ripping some eyelashes off from false eyelashes
  • You don’t need to carry eyelash glue to put false eyelashes back on when they start falling off
  • More natural look

The cons of eyelash extensions include:

  • If you don’t find a qualified Lash Technician, you could look really weird if you have lashes that don’t suit you
  • It feels like you can’t properly wash your face because you don’t want to accidentally rub against your lashes and have a bunch fall off
  • If you sleep on your side, your lashes might look funky when you wake up because you slept on them
  • When the lashes are about to fall off, the glue from the lashes might get close to your eyes which is quite uncomfortable
  • Once you get them wet, you have to blow dry them (make sure on cool) and brush them out to ensure it doesn’t clump up

Overall, I do recommend eyelash extensions to those who aren’t a fan of wearing makeup to begin with because you look nice and polished from the moment you wake up.  I needed this to help me deal with the heat and humidity otherwise I was sporting the complete natural look.

If you do want to give eyelash extensions a try, make sure you wash your hair and face thoroughly first because you’re not supposed to get your lashes wet for the first 24 hours.  After this time, you still have to be careful to avoid lashes falling off in big chunks.

Having said this, eyelash extensions is something that is a fun alternative but I will still alternate between this and false lashes.  False lashes gives me more room to be more creative.  I can change up my look on a regular basis so I can glam up and be more dramatic if the event warrants it.

Hope you found this helpful.

Until next time!

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